Walleye Addicts "Get Your Fix"

Walleye Addicts is dedicated to all of you hard core addicts that can’t resist the chance to chase Walleyes.  This site is about educating and sharing tactics related to getting your next fix.


About Me..

At an early age I was introduced to fishing.   I was very fortunate to have a Grandfather who was passionate about fishing and passed down sportsman values. I still remember him taking me fishing and even out of the classroom once in a while.  As I grew older we began to target Walleye and I was hooked.  I grew up on Green Lake in Chisago, MN where I was able to be on the water daily.  My Grandfather passed away when I was a freshman in high school, when I went fishing I knew he was still with me.  Everyday on the water, at the landing or on the road is an opportunity for me to share those same values my grandfather bestowed unto me.

As a professional tournament angler and guide I enjoy meeting new and old friends on the water sharing, teaching and learning tactics for catching walleyes.  

National Professional Anglers Association NPAA#555